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Prioritize Your Nutrition

Simple, yet effective strategies lead to healthier habits!


In addition to moodiness, heightened stress, and increased vulnerability to illness, poor quality sleep is linked to excess body fat.


Our response to stressors can lead to poor sleep, moodiness, disrupted sex hormones...the list can be endless.

Relationship with Food

Shaped by many factors (childhood, experiences, etc) our relationship with food determines our success with nutrition goals.

Hi! I'm Aiyana.

I'm a wife, mother of two, and a Certified Family Nutrition Coach on a mission to help you and your family Eat Your Best Life! My journey to healthy living began with the experiences of my children in their health and development. My son was courageous through the end of his walk with cancer and my daughter began experiencing puberty at an age far too young…in my opinion!


As your guide on this path to healthy living, I take a holistic approach to nutrition including sleep, stress and improving your relationship with food. Working with me, you will implementing simple, yet effective strategies and build healthy habits to empower you on this journey. Let me help you (and your family) Eat Your Best Life!

Whether you're ready to...

  • prioritize yourself (by putting your nutrition and healthy living FIRST)
  • focus on the nutrition and health of your child(ren)


  • get the entire family on board with healthy living

...I'm here to help you navigate this journey!

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