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Sleep, stress, and your relationship with food...

...it's all a part of nutrition. It's also a huge part of why we feel the way we feel.

You deserve to enjoy food AND

have the body and health you desire!

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I'm Aiyana Sykes and I'm here to help you become the hero of your own story!

You may feel overwhelmed with ...your body ...pain ...thousands of nutritional choices and decisions ...maybe even with life overall. I understand how it feels to be frustrated with all the above. Previously diagnosed with Sickle Cell and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I learned the hard way just how game-changing nutrition can be. With the health experiences of my children, I dove deep into the world of nutrition and became a Certified Nutrition Coach.

No one should have to feel hopeless when it comes to weight management, pain management, energy and overall happiness. Learning better nutrition can be the key. I'd love to help you get started!

Services I offer

1-on-1 Coaching

In 60 min weekly sessions, we co-develop your action plan to get you to your health goal(s). Throughout the week, I am your accountability partner: checking progress, providing resources, and encouraging you along the way.

Rejuvenate in Eight

This eight-week program is designed to reduce stress, ease inflammation, and help you gain more energy. It includes bi-weekly 30-minute online sessions as well as support documents, helpful tips and advice.

Group Coaching

This six-week in-person group coaching program is designed to give you a jumpstart toward your goals. Group members benefit from each others' questions and experience, while supporting one another.

“Already, in a month, I am sleeping better for the first time in my adult life... and developing joyful, healthy eating habits. I highly recommend Aiyana who is wise, funny, full of great tips and is truly a wonderful coach!"

Natalie N.

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